What we do

Admin support

Admin support covers individual admin jobs that don’t necessarily link together but need to be done.  These are individual jobs and can range from any of the lists below, but every business is different so whatever you need to be done please just contact us and we’ll see if we can help you.

  • Typing up documents
  • Transcription
  • Mail merge print and envelope stuff letters.
  • Data Entry – type all your business cards from a networking event into a prospects database.
  • Type audio reports and proofread it.
  • Convert word documents into PDF documents.
  • Research a competitor.
  • Formatting documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets.
  • Design a Client enquiry form to use with new prospects.
  • Chase up outstanding invoices.
  • Write a press release on your business.
  • Write a how-to guide.
  • Scan LinkedIn for questions in your target market that you can answer.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Send follow up materials either in the post or via email to new clients (e.g. welcome letters, postcards, terms and conditions etc).
  • Design a survey for your clients/prospects.
  • Copy type pages of text from hard copy.
  • Mail merge and print address labels
  • Thank all your clients for attending an event with a personalised letter.
  • Find quotes and order your printing from a supplier.
  • Research products/services such as CRM programmes, email marketing or web builder packages.
  • Type handwritten notes from a seminar or meeting.
  • Create a custom spreadsheet.
  • Select and schedule individual handwritten greeting or thank you cards for delivery to clients, colleagues, etc.
  • Collate and label personalised packets for your seminar or presentation.

PA Support

PA support partners with you to take responsibility for completing specific tasks to move your business forward. These jobs can cover the following but again every business is unique so contact us and let us know what you need support with.


  • Make confirmation calls regarding your appointments, engagements or reservations.
  • Research travel times, availability and cost for a business trip, liaising with our travel consultants where necessary.
  • Flight booking, accommodation booking and car hire for a personal trip liaising with our travel consultants where necessary.
  • Manage meetings with booking rooms, managing Agenda’s and collating paperwork. Sending travel plans.
  • Diary Management.
  • Email Management.

Event Management

Our event management team can manage your event from start to finish from corporate events including meetings, conferences, exhibitions, product launches to work parties, team building days and social events.

We can

  • Find suitable venues for your event.
  • Find caterers.
  • Source promotional material.
  • Help market the event.
  • Investigate speakers.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • Manage attendees and speakers.
  • Manage the event on the day.

Answerphone Service

Do you know how much business you are losing because you can’t answer you phone?  Our Virtual Receptionist Service offers call answering to businesses across the UK

Our service gives your business a fully staffed appearance and calls are answered professionally by our experienced Virtual Receptionists.  Our staff will answer your calls in your company’s name, take a message and some details, before sending you a notification via SMS or email.

We can answer calls from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. If requested, we can provide an out-of-hours voicemail service.


Whether you are going on a business trip or want to have a weekend away we can research and organise your trip for you.  Leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.


We have several Bookkeepers using several different accounts packages or you can use a virtual assistant to enter information into your software package depending on your budget.

Social Media

We can provide a full and comprehensive Social Media Support Service, or we can just post for you depending on your budget.  Speak to us for more details.

Sales and Marketing

We can help you with your newsletters to keep your customers up to date with what you offer and promote your business.  We help with the design of the newsletter and can also add buttons onto your Facebook page for people to sign up.

We also offer customer service support via the phone to help keep your business in front of your customers, helping them to buy from you when they’re ready.


Our copywriting and proofreading team can help you with your marketing copywriting including the text for websites, emails, brochures, leaflets, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Writing press releases, following these up with journalist by phone and email

‘On brand’ copyediting and proofreading including the preparation of legal documents

Review blogs, Documents, policies and much more.

Virtual Board

Have your very own board of directors to support you and your business.  This is a free WhatsApp group with a team of women business owners who support each other, collaborate and celebrate successes.  We meet once a quarter to network in person, brainstorm and learn via workshops.  We usually have a bring and share supper or lunch.

Walk and Talk

The Walk & Talk network takes place on the third Friday at Sourton Hall.  Book your place through Eventbrite.  Brings suitable clothing and remember always to bring your waterproofs as we are on the edge of Dartmoor!  The network will always go ahead and if the weather is too bad to walk, we can walk around the hall!  The aim of this network is to promote your business as well as your health and wellbeing.  As women business owners looking after yourself is the very last thing on the list so being able to network and have some exercise is a win-win situation.  We are a very friendly and supportive group and often collaborate with each other too.  Eventually, we will start up Walk & Talk networks between all the main towns so that the rural businesswoman can network together without having to travel long distances.  The aim of this group is to use village halls as a base for a cup of tea afterwards and a chat.  Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch too!

Collaborative Workspace

As women in business often we work alone in our offices.  This can be a very lonely existence and often there is a gremlin sat on our shoulder telling us we aren’t good enough!  The idea behind the collaborative workspace was that we can work on our own businesses but together in the same place so that we can collaborate, brainstorm and support each other.  It’s often very uplifting working in the same space as other women and we can often spark ideas off each other.

This will be coming shortly so watch this space but eventually, we want to have collaborative workspaces for women again between the main cities so that we don’t have to travel too far to get the benefits of working together.

Office Organisation

We offer an office declutter and organisation service where we come into your office and manage your workflow allowing for good time management and an efficient organisation.

Lifestyle Support

Would you like to help with your home admin so that you have more time to spend on things you enjoy?

Here are a few things that we can help you with.

  • Restaurant Bookings
  • New Address Paperwork


  • Restaurant Bookings
  • New Address Paperwork
  • House Sitting Service
  • Day to Day Errands
  • Wedding Planning
  • Home Admin
  • Parties and Events
  • Source and Manage Suppliers
  • Arrange Appointments
  • Booking Days and Weekends Away
  • Manage Tradespeople
  • Reminders for Important Dates
  • Booking Tickets
  • Switching Suppliers
  • and so much more …


Brainstorming Sessions

Need to grow your business or bounce ideas around?  Would you like constructive advice?  We can offer a 2 hour brainstorming session followed by a comprehensive report so that you can see just what your options are.  

If you’d like to book us for a session please  contact us for more details.