Want to Network to grow your business?


Time Well Spent sponsors the Walk & Talk Network to support women in business build relationships and their business.  So if you’re a woman in business, or aspiring to be, then come and meet up with like-minded women for support, exchanging ideas and collaboration. If you’re too busy during the week to network, as you’re supporting your clients, then come and join us one Saturday a month at 8.00 am before your weekend starts! We’ll walk and talk, getting fresh air and exercise as well as inspiration and motivation from each other. If you want to stay on for coffee afterwards that would be great too!  If the weather is bad we can just have coffee if that is what everyone wants or we can walk in waterproofs.

We’ll meet at 8.00 am outside Rockfish on Exeter Quay. Bring along business cards and any other information you’d like to share. Be dressed for the weather and the weekend, not for business! It’s a very informal networking event so just come and relax and enjoy the company.

We all know that networking can benefit your business in so many ways

  • You can build your support network.
  • You can create collaborations.
  • You can build relationships with people.
  • You get fresh ideas.
  • You’re energised and inspired.
  • You can grow your business.
  • You can access new information that may be helpful.
  • You can build your confidence.
  • You can get a different perspective.
  • You can build and promote your business brand.
  • You can establish your expertise.
  • It helps you get outside your comfort zone.

By Walking and Talking you get the added bonus of being outside in the fresh air and exercise!

The benefits of Face to Face networking are even better

  • Promotes good mental health as it gets you out of your office and mixing with like-minded people.
  • You build stronger connections.
  • More effective conversations than online as you don’t have to wait for the pause in the connection!
  • People are more collaborative and engaged in face-to-face conversations.

So why not come and join us and become part of a supportive, energised and collaborative group of women?

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