If working from home is new to you this can be an incredibly stressful time, jugging family and work especially if you don’t have a dedicated workspace.  However, people who work from home on a regular basis are struggling too.  Try these tips and see if any of them could work for you.

  • If you can find a space that you can dedicate to work.
  • Write out a routine for working, build in breaks during the day.
  • Make sure that some of your breaks include a walk outside so that you can connect with nature.
  • Plan out what you need to accomplish this month.
  • Break your list down to what needs to be accomplished each week.
  • Break this down further to what needs to be accomplished each day.
  • On a Friday write out your “to do list” for the following week and a “to do list” for what you will accomplish on the next Monday.
  • Make sure your Monday “to do list” is written down with how long each task will take you and what time of the day you will work on it. For example:



8.30am                  –            9.00am                 Take a walk before work

9.00am                  –            9.45am                 Online team meeting

9.45am                  –            10.00am               Answer emails

10.00am                –            10.45am               Sales targets

10.45am                –            11.00am              Tea Break and simple exercises/time with

the children/meditation

11.00am               –             12noon                 Report writing

12noon                 –             1.00pm                 Marketing tasks

1.00pm                 –             2.00pm                 Lunch break and a brief walk/time with the


2.00pm                 –             3.00pm                 Ring customers

3.00pm                 –             4.00pm                 Follow up tasks for customers

4.00pm                 –             4.15pm                 Tea Break and simple exercises/time with

the children/mediation

4.15pm                 –            4.45pm                 Online Managers meeting

4.45pm                 –             5.00pm                 Write “to do” list for Tuesday


  • At the end of each day write a “to do list” for the next day.
  • Move any jobs uncompleted to the next day’s list.
  • Make sure that you keep all breaks and meetings as fixed in your day and plan around them. If you need more breaks plan for them and put them in your list.
  • If you have a task that you really don’t want to do make sure you plan it as the first task of the day to get it over with.
  • Only check emails once or twice a day.
  • Get all the important tasks completed first.
  • If you have your own business, make sure you work on three things to grow your business every day. Put these into you list too.
  • Make sure in your time off you spend time doing something you really enjoy.
  • Try and keep to a routine each day get up at the same time you would have on workdays if you were working in your office.
  • Ensure that you go to bed at the same time every night. It’s so important to get as much rest as possible to enable you to cope with the stress of this situation.
  • Eating well is a very important during this time to make sure you keep fit and healthy. Make sure that you include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet.
  • Exercise is a great motivator, keeping fit and taking exercise is another very important way of keeping the stress levels down and feeling good about yourself. Make sure you take regular exercise every day and try and spend some time out in the fresh air.
  • Journaling on a regular basis is another good way of keeping things in perspective. Write about what you feel grateful for each day or week.
  • Celebrate small wins every day.
  • Learning new skills is essential for your health and wellbeing. Learn new skills to support your business or some new leisure skills.

The key to productivity is to break things down into manageable chunks and work through them in a methodical manner.

I hope you find some things in this list that will help you work efficiently and effectively during this difficult time.

Take care and keep safe.