So how have you managed during lockdown, have you found a new way of working?  Are you just about to open your business again?  Here are some tips to try and encourage sales. 

  • Have you changed your product or service during lock-down? If so, will you be staying with this new product or service or now we are able to open in a limited way will you be going back to what you normally sell?  Either way look at your promotional material, does it need a revamp?  Look at canva and create a fresh new look for your business.  Make sure that you keep true to your brand, click on “brand kit” and fill in your colours, logos etc to make sure everything you do is on brand.  They have courses and tutorials to help you create fantastic promotional material.   You can design anything from social media posts to flyers, presentations, invitations, brochures, posters and much more.  Look and see how it could help your business.  There is a free version, so it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Could you put together new packages for various clients?
  • What could you “Up Sell” to your customers? Is there and additional product you could suggest they buy or something that is more expensive?
  • What could you “Cross Sell”? Is there a different product or service that you could sell to an existing customer?
  • Has someone declined your product or service? Is there something else that you could “Down Sell” an alternative product or service at a lower price?
  • Maybe you could arrange for people to pay you in installments if they are struggling to pay the full price upfront?
  • How about bulk buys? Is this something you could offer?
  • Could you do a press release about a new product or service?
  • Have you got a list of clients but don’t yet send them a regular newsletter? Perhaps this could be a new way of keeping in touch and offering special deals and letting them know of new products and services.
  • Could you design a post card and send this out to your clients letting them know when you are opening, what to expect in the “new normal”, and inviting them to visit you virtually or in person with a special offer.

Try and think outside the box, what could you do that would be different to attract your customers or clients.

 Good luck and keep safe and well.