For a long time now, I haven’t got the point of journalling.  Lots of people find it useful and many successful people do it every day!   What was I missing?  I’ve tried it on and off for ages and I haven’t found it beneficial until recently!  

I’ve had an epiphany!  I always put things down things that for example I’m grateful for BUT I’ve never been really specific, really narrowed it down to what I’m really, really grateful for that relates to me.  So, for example, I always put down that I’m really grateful for nature all around me, which is true but more specifically I’m really grateful for the nature reserve that’s a two-minute walk from my front door and that fact that I can walk there any time I like!  I love to see the deer, herons, geese, swans, ducks’ moorhens etc.  I love to hear the wind in the trees and feel the sun on my face and just breathe!  Do you see how more specific that is to me!

What are the benefits of journalling?

  • To relieve stress, depression and anxiety
  • To get clearer on your goals and what you want.
  • For success and growth
  • To build your confidence
  • To problem solve
  • To find inspiration
  • To stimulate your imagination and creativity
  • To focus on what you want
  • To get everything out of your head
  • To put fears and worries into perspective.

So, what should you journal about?

  • Your feelings.
  • Your relationships.
  • Problems.
  • What you’re grateful for.
  • What’s going right.
  • Who have you impacted and why?
  • Your goals.
  • Your vision for the future.
  • Your small wins today.
  • Your strengths.
  • Your hopes.
  • Your achievements.
  • Your mantra.
  • A positive message to yourself.
  • What connections you need to make.
  • What can you get excited about today?
  • One thing that may stress you out and how you might deal with it.
  • Who could you surprise with a kind act or word today?
  • One action you could take to demonstrate excellence.
  • One thing you could do that is outside your comfort zone.
  • How would you know that you’d had a great day and made a difference today.
  • Something that you’ve appreciated today.
  • A situation that went well today.
  • Something you learned today.
  • Something that could have made your day better.
  • What thing could you do for yourself today to recharge?
  • Something you learned about yourself today.
  • Something you learned about others today.
  • What do you need to focus on today.


The list goes on, you can journal about anything that comes to mind that you want to get out of your head and onto paper.

But don’t forget, get really specific and see if it makes a difference to you.

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