Do you feel overwhelmed by your emails?  Here are some quick and simple tips that may help you keep your emails under control!

Take a look at some of these tips and implement those that you feel would be most useful.

  • Only check emails once or twice a day and plan in time to manage and respond to them too.  15 minutes should do it, set a timer to keep on track!
  • Turn Off Email Notifications
  • The two-minute rule – if the email will take less than two minutes to read and reply to, then take care of it right now, even if it’s not a high priority as it takes longer to read and then store the task away “to do later”
  • Set up an autoresponder saying when you check your emails – then if it’s urgent they will ring you.  Setting this up means that you won’t feel under pressure to respond.
  • Create folders to manage your emails
    • Action
    • Waiting
    • Follow-up
    • Reference
    • Archive
    • Or use some other titles which work better for you.
  • Only Keep Emails Requiring Immediate Action (Urgent) in Your Inbox
  • Use your calendar to track emails that require follow-up – move the email to a designated subfolder and put a reminder on your calendar that includes the folder location and the date when follow up is required.
  • Create filters and rules to automatically sort your incoming mail into a particular folder as soon as it comes in. (define them on sender or subject).
  • You could create a free email address for
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • Article feeds
    • Sign up for products

or use rules, so that they’re instantly delivered to a particular folder.

  • Disable social media email notifications. Log in to your accounts and deactivate all email notifications.
  • Create templates for emails you send frequently.
  • Once a week, build into your daily routine or use idle moments to do quick inbox clean-up.
    • Delete emails you don’t need to keep
    • Unsubscribe from anything that you haven’t read or that are no longer useful
  • Encourage people to send you less emails!
  • When looking at email threads respond to them in chronological order.
  • Look at tools that may help you with your email
    • Boomerang – schedule an email to be sent later (You can also use options to do this in Outlook)
    • Sortd – Transforms Gmail into a project manager
    • EmailAnalytics – visualizes your email activity (or that of your team), showing you things like how many emails you send and receive every day, who your top senders and recipients are, and how quickly you respond to emails on average.
    • Streak – include thread splitter, send later, mail merge, view tracking & more.
    • Zapier – use automation to create tasks in Trello etc

When you manage email effectively, you can significantly boost your productivity and feel more in control and organised!

Here’s a bonus tip!

Email Footers

  • Add to the footer of your email address any events, courses or products you want to promote with a link to book in!
  • Add to the footer of your email any free signups (lead magnets) and/or links to your newsletter so people can sign up to get more information from you.
  • Add a link to your testimonial page.
  • Add a link to book an appointment with you.

You can also add these things to your social media profiles too!

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