In order to work efficiently and move your business forward you need to use the time you have in the best possible way.

 It’s very important that the tasks for working on your business relate to your goals to move your business forward so make sure you know which ones you need to work on first.

  • Create a master list of the tasks that need to be completed in the order they need to be completed.
  • Then on a Friday afternoon at the end of the day, plan what you will do the following week.
  • Also plan in more detail what you will do specifically on Monday. Make sure you plan each day the afternoon before so that as soon as you start work, you’re ready to go.
    • Plan to do your most demanding or creative tasks at a time when your energy is high. For example, if you are a morning person then do these tasks in the morning, however if you’re a night owl do them later in the day.  Everyone works in a different way so go with what works for you.
    • Next prioritise those tasks.
      • Which tasks are both urgent and important? Do these tasks first. 
      • Which tasks are important but not yet urgent, these should be next.
      • Don’t look at any other tasks until all of these have been completed.
      • Once they have been done you can start looking at the tasks that are urgent but not important.
      • Any other tasks will probably just drop off your to do list!
    • Identify 3 tasks that MUST be done today and make sure you do them first. If you have a difficult job that you’ve been putting off, that should be the very first job you do so that you don’t waste time procrastinating!
    • Make sure that you plan in self-care, breaks for refreshments but also breaks for movement, including walks outside in nature to support good mental health and fitness.
    • Plan in time for interruptions, like phone calls and checking your emails and remember only check your emails two or three times a day as you can be easily side-tracked into doing another task that isn’t on your planned list!
    • Schedule all these tasks in your calendar and stick to doing them when you’ve planned to do them. If you run out of time and don’t get a task done move it on to the next day but put a star against it.  Every day you move it to the next day add another star.  If you find that this task continues to move to the next day, consider why this is?

If you struggling to find time to work on tasks to grow your business, try to break your tasks down into 10-minute chunks and always have the list with you.  When you find yourself with a window of time work through the tasks on this list.  You’ll be amazed how much you achieve by working just 10 minutes at a time.  You can be really focused for those 10 minutes and probably produce some of your best work. This way of working also helps if you’re menopausal and have trouble sleeping and therefore have a foggy brain and difficulty concentrating.   

I hope these tips have helped you but if you’d like more support dealing with your tasks, please contact us.