Do you struggle to find the time to work on innovative and creative ideas for your business?

 If you want to grow your business and keep it fresh you need to think creatively. Creative ideas don’t come when you’re sat at your desk trying to think of something innovative!  They come when you’re sat by the pool having a holiday or going for a walk!  You need to set up an idea and then give your brain space to think about it.  There are a number of ways to help this process you could do any of the following:

  • Go for a walk on the beach.
  • Walk in the countryside.
  • Do something you enjoy.
  • Exercise helps boost creativity.
  • Get your team together and brainstorm some new ideas.
  • Arrange team days out.
  • Hold regular group workshops.
  • Use lateral thinking – use your imagination to look at a problem in a fresh way and come up with a new solution.
  • Use mind mapping – write down a central theme and think of new and related ideas which radiate out from the centre.
  • Encourage failure within your team – fear of failure is a constant barrier to creative risk-taking. BUT always have failure post-mortems to see what went wrong.
  • Practice mindfulness on your own or office mindfulness which goes a long way toward improving employee mindset. This inspires personal innovation and free thinking.
  • Working somewhere different – even somewhere simple like a cafe, park, or house just for a day inspires new ideas.
  • Changing the layout of your office bends your brain in all of the same ways that changing your work environment does and inspires innovation.
  • Play games – competitive, strategy-focused games encourage thinking outside the box.
  • Encourage team crossover – get teams to engage in meaningful collaboration.
  • Shift Negative Thoughts into a Positive Mindset – Tell yourself, “I can figure this out” or “I’m open to any ideas that anybody can come up with.”
  • Avoid Being a Perfectionist – perfectionists spend so much time focusing on getting the details correct that they rarely take time to think creatively about new solutions outside of their comfort zones.

 If you work with a team of people fostering and harnessing the creative abilities of your whole team is likely to produce an even richer selection of creative ideas and solutions to work tasks and problems.  However, if you work on your own this is much harder.  Find a business buddy that you can brainstorm with, it’s amazing what comes up when you bounce ideas off each other.

I hope tips help but if you need support with brainstorming, Contact us now.