Do you struggle to put your hands on things you need to run your business?  Are you always missing deadlines?

If you want to grow and run your business efficiently you need to stay organised.  Here are my top tips to help you.

  • Plan a schedule for your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for your business and make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get things done in advance of your deadline. You can either have this digitally somewhere or put it on a planner on your wall.  Also plan in tasks to grow your business too so that you don’t miss anything.  Make sure that all tasks are completed when you say they should be!
  • Use Google Calendar – to manage appointments, deadlines, and reminders, make sure that you get a notification sent through to your email and check your emails daily, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Manage paper receipts and invoices – Keep a box in a central place and put all invoices and receipts in it. This way when you come to do your accounts you know exactly where they all are. 
  • Folders in your email account – create folders in your email account so that you can find information you need. Set up a folder for Accounts and store all your emailed invoices in it.  This means that when you spend time sorting out your accounts your invoices are all in one place.
  • In Tray – Set up a box or tray and put letters and information that you need to look at here. Once a week block out time to go through this and complete any actions that need to be taken.  Once things have been actioned file away or shred.
  • Shred information – on a weekly basis shred any documents that you no longer need. This saves space, meets your requirements for data protection and helps to prevent overwhelm.
  • Delete emails
    • when you have finished with emails if you don’t need to refer back to them delete them. This keeps your inbox to a manageable level, helps to prevent overwhelm and ensures you comply with data protection. 
    • If there are things that you need to refer to keep them in a folder. I have a folder that is dated 1st May 2021 – 1st May 2022 – on 1st May 2023 I will delete the folder marked 1st May 2021 – 1st May 2022.  See if you can do something similar and then your information will all be up to date, relevant and comply with data protection.
    • Once a week delete emails that are related to social media or promotions that you don’t need any more.

 These are just a few things that could help prevent overwhelm and keep you organised, efficient and on course to grow your business.

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