Did you know that you could monetize a google form?  I didn’t until recently.  I was looking for a way for one of my clients to take donations on their website enabling the person donating to choose which project they wanted to support.  I found a video on YouTube and set to work.  It was very straightforward.  I set up the google form then installed payable forms and linked the form to the payment provider.  The software creates the checkout, and receipt to match your branding and all the information goes into a spreadsheet so that you can see all the details. I even managed to incorporate gift aid!  When setting up the form you can add payment amounts, they can choose their own amount, or you can have a recurring payment.  It’s so versatile.

I thought it was fantastic and the only thing to pay for is the charges that your bank takes from you when someone makes a payment.  All the software was completely free!  I’ll add the link to the video below but what could you use this amazing software for?  Here are a few ideas. Let me know if you can think of any more!

  • Donation form linked to a button on a website
  • Event registration form for workshops, conferences, webinars, courses
  • Collecting money for a leaving present
  • Fundraising
  • Selling small items
  • Selling digital downloads
  • Invoicing
  • Membership forms
  • Selling a package of services
  • Recurring subscription payments
  • Order forms

This google software allows you to set up a professional-looking form and checkout to collect money from your customers that costs you nothing but is totally secure.  What’s not to like about that!  Here is the link to the video to help guide you through the process.