How often do you check your email?  Do you have it open all the time, or do you get a notification when a new email arrives?

If you’re going to make the most of your time and be productive then you need to manage the amount of time you spend on emails.  Here are some tips to help you:

  • Decide how often you need to check your email, schedule this time in your diary and stick to it.
  • Block an amount of time to respond to your emails.
  • Look through and see which emails are urgent or need action and deal with these first, then look at those that are non-urgent and the emails that are just for reading file away for looking at later.
  • What are the expectations of your clients/customers? How quickly will they want a reply? 
  • Set up folders to help you manage and categorise your emails. Create the following folders.
    • Action
    • Newsletters
    • Priority
    • Reading
    • Reference
    • Then make additional folders for specific projects or clients.
  • Introduce filters that automatically sort your incoming mail into the correct folder. You can define filters based on the sender or subject.
  • It’s a great idea to use different email addresses for different types of email.
    • Specifically for business
    • One for personal
    • One for newsletters
    • And one for less important things
    • Create one if you think you may be spammed.

Then check these addresses depending on how important the information is.  So, the business email you will check twice a day, but the newsletter emails you may check once a month! 

  • Take a look at the types of emails you send out on a regular basis, could you set up templates to save you time and speed up your response time?
  • Once a month make sure you go through your inbox and unsubscribe from emails you haven’t read, or no longer find useful.
  • Dealing with a mountain of emails when you return from holiday can be daunting! Here are some tips that may help!
    • Before you go away cancel any email notifications you receive on a regular basis.
    • Set up an auto responder telling the sender you’re away and will respond after a certain date.
    • Set aside an hour in your diary when you return to go through your inbox.
    • Open your email and delete the spam and emails you know that you don’t need to read. Use the sort function to sort your email by sender so that you can identify emails quickly.
    • Then go through and pick out all the priority emails you need to respond to. Place them in your “Action” folder then set aside time to deal with them.
    • Then deal with any remaining emails.
    • If you have a massive number of emails to deal with on your return. Create a “Backlog” folder and put all your emails here. Set aside a few minutes each day to deal with these.


I hope these tips have helped you but if you’d like more support dealing with your inbox, please contact us.