Many small businesses find it difficult to hand work over to a virtual assistant or freelancer.  Sometimes this is because their business is their baby, and they feel that nobody will do the task as well as they can and sometimes it’s just because they simply don’t know where to start!  When you outsource work to a virtual assistant or freelancer don’t forget that they are a business owner too.  They know how difficult it is to juggle everything.  Your business is as important to them as it is to you.  They wouldn’t have a business without clients like you, so they make sure that the work is done to high standards.

In order to identify what to outsource you need to keep a work diary for a couple of weeks or even a month if that covers all the tasks you work on.  Make sure you record everything in it and how long you spend on each task.  Mark down whether you enjoy doing this or dislike doing it, do you have the skill set to work on it or do you struggle, is it income producing or not?  Are there tasks on this list that are not necessary?  If so delete them and stop doing them!

  • Once the work diary has been completed take a look and highlight everything that you dislike doing and are not income producing tasks. These are the things that you need to outsource first. 
  • Then look at the tasks you don’t have the skillset for, these will take you much longer to do that someone who knows what they’re doing. Outsource these and tasks that you love doing but that don’t produce any income.
  • Then outsource income producing tasks that you dislike doing.

At the end of this process, you’ll end up with only working on the income producing tasks that you love doing!

To work out whether it’s cost effective for you to work on these tasks or cheaper to outsource just look at the hourly rate you charge your clients.  Is this more than you’d pay a virtual assistant or freelancer?  If so, then it’s a no brainer – it’s not cheaper for you to do it, you could increase your workload and make more money in the time you gain by outsourcing tasks.

I hope this helps you to make up your mind about outsourcing work and helps to identify what you should outsource.

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