Do you struggle to delegate tasks in your business?  You’d love to get tasks off your plate but don’t know where to start? 

If you want to grow and run your business efficiently you need to delegate.  Here are some tips that may help.

  • To start with identify tasks that could be delegated, that won’t take too long to hand over.  These tasks will start to free up your time immediately.  Tasks to consider will usually be
    • Repetitive tasks or
    • Routine tasks
  • At a later date you could start to delegate projects and more complicated tasks.
  • Look at the skillset and workload of your team and decide who could take these tasks on.  If you don’t have a team maybe it’s time to work with a Virtual Assistant!
  • Write out a procedure for this task so that the person you delegate to can follow your instructions and complete this task as well as you can without interrupting you with questions. 
  • Explain why the tasks is being delegated to them and how important or urgent it is and where it fits in with regard to priorities with their other work.
  • Tell them the required results, what you need them to achieve and how it will be measured.
  • Discuss what resources they will need to complete the task.
  • Agree a deadline for when the task needs to be completed.
  • Explain how you plan to exercise your control over the task and why.
  • Make sure that the rest of your team are aware that this person has taken over this task.
  • Provide feedback to the person the task has been delegated to so that they know how they’re doing.

The long-term aim is to make sure that you create written procedures for all tasks that you want to outsource or delegate so that you can easily pass these tasks on to a new person if someone is off sick or goes to another job.   These will become known as your standard operating procedures for your business and are essential to

  • Reduce employee training time and help standardize orientation and training.
  • Maintain consistency across your brand.
  • Reduce errors and enhance productivity.
  • Meet legal requirements.
  • Establish a chain of command.
  • Transfer work easily.

You will then have time to focus on growing your business and your business will run more efficiently.

If you’d like help to delegate tasks in your business, please contact us.