What can you use google forms for?

Google forms are great for all sorts of tasks, they’re so versatile!  See if you could use them for your business.  If you click in the gallery, you’ll find a selection of templates already set up and ready for you to edit to tailor to your business.  You could use forms for any of the following: –

  • Customer feedback
  • Discovery forms
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Event registrations
  • Request Forms for Staff
  • Contact information
  • Order forms
  • Submit Queries and Issues
  • Job application forms
  • Invitations
  • RSVP
  • Gathering Data
  • Work request
  • Event Ticket
  • Assessment
  • Worksheet
  • Course evaluation
  • Get Feedback on New Processes
  • Request Ideas for a Project
  • Streamline Communications
  • Ask for testimonials

What are the benefits of using google forms?

  • You can create unlimited free templates
  • Google Forms Is Mobile-Friendly
  • You can add collaborators to your forms
  • Google forms uses logic threading which is the ability to change questions based upon the previous answers that the participant has given.
  • get notifications and responses to your form directly via email.
  • You can customize your form to meet your business needs
  • You can create forms in your brand colours
  • You can see the results in form format or in a spreadsheet
  • You can analyze the results
  • You can use google forms with Zapier to create workflows for your business.

Google forms and Zapier

If you connect google forms with Zapier you can save even more time by automating your workflows.  Here are just a few examples of what you could do

  • Create Trello cards
  • Share responses in a slack channel
  • Create or update MailChimp subscribers
  • Send emails via Gmail
  • Create google calendar events
  • Create asana tasks
  • Create google drive folders
  • Update HubSpot contacts

Go to Zapier to see what else you can do.   Zapier lets you connect Google Forms with thousands of apps, so you can automate your workflows and have more time for what only you can do!

Why don’t you try google forms to see how they could help you in your business?

If you already use google forms in your business let me know what you use them for.

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