Do you struggle to manage your time and get things done?

Have you got into bad habits, well now it’s time to replace these bad habits with good ones!

Planning your time and scheduling this in your diary is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  The next most important thing is to stick to it and get things done when you plan to do them!  However, this is not as easy as it sounds is it!  Life gets in the way; things happen and before you know it you’ve missed one of your deadlines.  It’s important that you’re realistic about when you could fit these tasks into your diary when you do your planning.

  • Block out time in your diary once a week to plan when you will complete your tasks for the following week.
  • Make a list of your tasks, include those to run your business.  Make sure that you take into account all the tasks that will grow your business and accomplish the goals you have set for your business.  If you only have small pockets of time available to work on your business break down your tasks into small manageable bite size chunks.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get through your tasks and your business will move forward towards your goals. 
  • Are there any items on your list that you could delegate?  If so, make sure you do that.
  • Mark the tasks in order of priority.
  • Make a list of times when you are free to work on these things.  Remember to build in extra time in case things run over time.  If things don’t run over, you could use this time for more tasks!
  • When do you work best?  Is it in the morning, afternoon, or evening?  It’s always a good idea to work on your tasks when you’re at your best and feel energized.
  • Make sure when you sit down to work on your tasks that you have no distractions.  Put your phone on answerphone and find a quiet place to work where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Are there any tasks that you could automate?  Look into how you could do this.
  • Are there things you’re doing that don’t need to be done?  If so stop doing them and focus on the important things that will make the most difference to your business.
  • Do you have dead time that you could use in a more productive way?  For example, when you’re waiting for an appointment could you work on your social media by retweeting, liking and commenting?  Could you work while you’re travelling on the train?  Make sure you always have something with you that you can get on with if you find you have some spare time.
  • It’s very important to build in rewards for getting things done to keep you motivated! 
  • It is also very important to build in health and fitness into your schedule.  You won’t work at your best if you are not in good physical shape.  Build this into your schedule and block it out in your diary.  Always remember to eat well too as this will have a massive effect on your concentration and how you feel.
  • It goes without saying that you need to take regular breaks throughout the day so that you’re always working at your best.  Block these out in your diary too.
  • Are there any time saving gadgets/software that you could be using?  Put some time aside to see if there is something that you could use to create more time.

The key to time management is to be focused on what you want to get done and don’t get distracted.  I hope the above points help but if you struggle with any of this let me know, I’m always happy to help.