Are you overwhelmed by the amount of content that you feel you have to create for social media and for your own website? Think about re-purposing your content.  Write a blog once a month and then re-use it in different ways on your social media channels. 

Write your blog and make a video on the same subject, a subject that your clients/customers are interested in. 

  • Create a newsletter and put an extract of your blog in your newsletter, put a link to the rest of it on your website and add a link to your video which is on YouTube as well. 
  • Copy your blog and post it as an article on LinkedIn saying, “this article first appeared on www……”. 
  • Post on Instagram with an extract of your blog with a link to the rest of it on your website. 
  • Post a couple of lines of your blog on Twitter and link to the video on YouTube.
  • Post your video on Facebook.  
  • You could use some of your blog to create a poll on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 
  • You can post different sentences from your blog all month and link it back to your website. I think you get the picture!
  •  If you want to you can add captions to your video by using and Kapwing before posting it on YouTube. 
  • Go to Canva to create the graphics you can use on your social media platforms.  You can use a free account to do this.

By creating just one blog you can create lots of different posts that you can use on all your social media channels and you can use it in your newsletter too. You can create lots of traffic for your website or YouTube channel.

Another way to create more content on the subjects that you clients are interested in is to go to google alerts and set up alerts that look for relevant information.  You can link to them on social media which saves you looking for content as anything that is relevant is emailed to you.

  • Post quotes that you come across which inspire you.
  • Post links to networking meetings you are attending.
  • Re-post information that other people have posted that you’ve found interesting.
  • Take photographs while you’re out and about that you think your clients may like.
  • Post about places that you visit that your clients may be interested in.

There are lots of different ways you can create content for your platforms. Make sure your content is relevant, it should do either of the following:

  • Educate your clients.
  • Be of Interest to your clients.
  • Engage your clients.
  • Promote your business.
  • Communicate with your clients with company updates and news.
  • Entertain you clients with quizzes, quotes etc.

I hope this helps.  If you need help with content for your business, please contact us.