Time Well Spent in collaboration with Jan Spencer Coaching now provides Coaching for women in business.

What is Coaching?

‘A powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfilment’

Coaching is a relationship, based on complete equality, where the coach works in partnership with the client to put in place the changes and actions that will enable him or her to achieve their goals. The coaching agenda is completely driven by the client: it is the client who holds the answers to their own issues and takes responsibility for deciding on any actions to be taken and for the outcomes of these actions. The coach will provide the questions and the tools that will enable the client to elicit the answers and solutions that are right for them.

Coaching can take place either face-to-face or at a distance, either by telephone, or on-line. Every coaching relationship is designed especially with the client’s needs in mind and each relationship is therefore unique. However, each coach has their own specific ways of working.

Coaching is not therapy, counselling or giving advice – it is about enabling the client to look forwards and create the kind of future they want for themselves and their business. Many coaching clients report that they are amazed at what they achieve through coaching and the speed with which they achieve it.

Who is Coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who is genuinely committed to creating positive change. Coaching clients need to be open to exploring new options, to taking action and to learning from the actions they take. But coaching is not for everyone and before you decide to go forward with a coaching relationship it is important that you are clear about what is involved and willing to tackle the issues that will help you to move forward.

How does it work?

You will begin by having an introductory session with your coach. This will enable you to clarify how you would like the relationship to work, to discuss what you would like to achieve. Your coach will probably ask you a little about yourself and your business. You will also be able to find out more about your coach and how the sessions will operate. You may be asked to complete a couple of short preparatory exercises and you will be asked to sign a coaching agreement setting out what each of you may expect from the other.

Sometimes a great deal can be achieved in just one coaching session. However, clients who want to work at a deeper level to create and embed the changes that will help them to truly move forward will usually work with their coach for a minimum of three months. During each calendar month there will usually be three 40-50-minute sessions at weekly intervals. Your coach may offer a further short check-in by phone or email before the next month’s cycle begins. To ensure that you optimise each coaching session, you will be asked to decide in advance how you would like to use the time and what issues you would like to work on. After your session, your coach may ask you to do some follow-up work. Each new coaching session will begin with a check-in to report on progress since the last session. Your coach will always hold you accountable for the actions you decide to take!

What kind of issues might I work on with my coach?

The agenda for your coaching session always rests with you so you will decide what you would like to work on at any specific session. At the beginning of your coaching programme you will have decided on your overall goals and objectives, so your coach will encourage you to stay on track. However, you may find that during coaching your priorities shift as a result of new insights that you gain. Sometimes you will spend several sessions working on one issue, but at other times you may want to focus on something smaller that will none-the-less make a difference.

How will my coach work with me?

Your coach will always take a non-directive approach when working with you. This means that they will not offer you advice or solutions – you are always the person best able to make decisions about what is right for you and your business. Your coach will ask you a number of open questions that will enable you to look carefully at the issue that you have decided to work on. You will explore all the options that might be available to you and doubtless come up with some ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. If you are feeling stuck with something your coach will help you to overcome the block and start to move forward. Your coach will always hold your agenda rather than their own, but you can expect to be challenged from time to time, especially if your internal ‘negative gremlin’ ever starts to get in the way of you really going for it!

You will always receive support and encouragement in deciding on what actions you want to take to enable you to create the kind of working/personal life that will give you most satisfaction and fulfilment.

Why do people in business need a coach?

Whilst family, friends and colleagues are willing to act as a sounding board, however well-meaning they are, they will have their own agenda. We find ourselves getting advice, but this may provide us with the answers that would be right for the advice-giver rather than us. A coach will work objectively with your agenda in mind rather than holding one of their own. We can find ourselves getting stuck in a rut, or find self-doubts creeping in that stop us from really going for it. We may lose motivation or find that we just cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’. Coaches have a toolbox of techniques to help us overcome obstacles, get back on track and be ready to find new creative solutions to enable us to move forward faster than we thought possible.


1-Month Coaching to include 4 x 1-hour sessions 1 x weekly £200 (£50 per session)

3-Month Coaching to include 9 x 1-hour sessions £400 (£44.44 per session)

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