If you have your own business and work from home you’ll know how lonely it can be. This can have an impact on your mental health and then in turn that can affect your business, your motivation, and your confidence. So how could you change this around? One thing you could do is work in a co-working space a number of days a week.

So, what is a co-working space? A co-working space is where workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs gather under one roof to work on their own business ventures. They often have areas where you can hot desk, or you can rent an office. You can book offices for meetings and have access to facilities like equipment, utilities, receptionist, and refreshments. You often have access to parking too. You don’t have to co-work all week maybe you just do one or two days a week to promote good mental health and a thriving business.

There are many benefits of co-working for your business and here are just a few. 

  • There are great opportunities for networking and some spaces also have a regular networking event.
  • You feel energised working with lots of different people.
  • There are opportunities for brainstorming with people from all walks of life.
  • You feel more creative as your mixing with people who give you a new perspective.
  • Increased productivity as there are less distractions than working from home.
  • If you’re not good at motivating yourself it gives you a structure to your day.
  • It helps you break out of your comfort zone and try new things.
  • It promotes wellness and work-life balance.
  • It gives you a feeling of belonging to a community.
  • It reduces isolation and loneliness and promotes connection.
  • You have access to shared and private spaces.
  • You can rent an office to meet with clients.
  • There are flexible arrangements allowing you to choose to work in co-workspaces at a time that suits you.
  • There are many co-working places all over the country, so you are not restricted to just one office. Consider mixing it up and working in different places with different people.
  • You can choose to drop in, hire a desk or private office.
  • You can pop into co-working spaces while your travelling knowing that you will have Wi-Fi, a comfortable place to work, and office essentials like printing and coffee!
  • By breaking out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and working in different settings each day, you’re required to stay innovative and creative, trying new things and considering different perspectives.
  • If you work in a remote team it’s a great space to meet and work together.
  • You get to meet diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals.
  • Working amongst people doing diverse kinds of work can also make your own work identity stronger as you’re frequently asked to describe what you do, which can make what you do seem more interesting and distinctive.
  • More opportunities for collaboration
  • Spending time away your usual work environment can spark new ideas.
  • There are cost-efficiency benefits by saving money on amenities, cleaners, internet, utilities, and insurance.
  • In uncertain times it leaves you completely free to move to a new office, decrease the number of days you use the space, or switch entirely to homeworking whenever you want.
  • You have an opportunity to grow your business at a faster pace because you have better connectivity and you’re networking with people around you who will bring in more ideas and work for you, giving you a chance to expand your business. With the added possibility that the people with whom you are sharing the office space may become your clients.

So, after considering all these points what’s stopping you?  Many co-working spaces have open days where you can try out working there for free!

Take a look around and see what’s available that could work for you.


If you fancy meeting me to work at a co-working space  please contact us.