I have always suffered from a lack of confidence and as a business owner that can really hold you back from being your best self. Since covid matters have only got worse and I have made a real effort to get on top of it.  Fear has been holding me back and I have decided that I’m not going to allow it to continue!

As business owners it is important to continually move forward and get outside our comfort zone because that is where we find our true brilliance.  But how do you get there when you have a barrier like fear?

Here are a few tips that I have learned recently and found useful.

  • What is your purpose in life? Work hard to discover what this is to identify if you’re on the right path.
  • What is the vision for your life and your business and how would you feel if that vision was reality?
  • Think only of what you want and why you want it – don’t worry about how you will get there, that will come as you move forward.
  • Create goals to move forward.
  • Break those goals down into little steps and take action, move one step at a time. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll continue to move forward, and the momentum will increase your confidence.  As Tony Robbins says “Progress equals Happiness
  • Reward yourself for completing a step where you felt fearful but took it anyway!
  • Ask regularly “How am I doing on my dream” to keep yourself focussed on what you want.
  • When you make a decision, take action immediately to avoid procrastination and not following through
  • Live in your conviction and not your convenience, do the right thing and not what’s easy! Make a real commitment and follow through whether you feel like it or not.
  • Call on your higher power for support.
  • How you experience life is dependent on what you focus on so make sure you always focus on the right stuff and don’t feed the fear by focussing on what’s not working or what could go wrong.
  • Value your journey and trust in your truth and your path.
  • Surround yourself with inspirational people, who motivate you and challenge you to get outside your comfort zone.
  • Create a habit/routine to make sure you put aside time to work on your dreams and on yourself.
  • Create affirmations that are powerful and inspiring.
  • Every day make time to visualise your success.
  • Stand in a power pose like wonder woman and feel your energy change. Jump up and down and shout “I can do this!”
  • Make sure that you have a good diet, plenty of sleep and move during your day to keep your body and mind in the best possible state. It doesn’t have to be a workout in the gym just a walk in nature will do it!
  • Work on your strengths not your weaknesses.
  • When you feel fear look on it as a challenge, on the other side is where you’ll find your full potential.
  • Know that you will encounter obstacles on your journey and be prepared. What options/solutions could you put in place to easily keep you on your path?

The key is to develop a growth mindset and continually push and challenge yourself.  Not easy when you feel the fear but if you take little steps, you’ll gradually increase your confidence, and the fear will become less.  It may always be there, but you learn to use it to continually take action as you know that on the other side of that fear is the best version of you.

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