Time Well Spent in collaboration with Jan Spencer Coaching now provides Action Learning

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a method of collaborative learning where a small group of learners (an ‘action learning set’) meet regularly to reflect on real work issues. Its basic philosophy is that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem to solve.

Action learning has become a well-regarded technique that can enhance the way in which people learn. It draws on actual practice and uses the diverse experiences of learning set members working together to apply new ideas to each member’s role.

Action learning enables us to consider and experiment with alternative styles of learning and doing. By receiving feedback and new ideas from others, regardless of their background or role, we are able to increase our capacity to respond to new situations.

Many organisations now use action learning as a quick and effective way of developing the skills and know-how of their managers and of dealing with the issues and problems that arise within the business. However, action learning has also proven to be an invaluable means of developing the skills and performance of small business owners, many of whom do not have a senior management team to act as their sounding board when problems arise.

Who is Action Learning for?

Action learning is for anyone in business who is genuinely open to learning and committed to taking action as a result of what has been learned. It will help participants to sharpen management and leadership skills and become more effective at running their business.

What commitment is needed when joining an Action Learning Set?

Anyone who decides to join an action learning set must also be willing to prioritise set meetings in their diary as the set depends on all its members to operate effectively. Whilst it is recognised that occasionally emergencies crop up that may prevent attendance, members must be able to commit to attending their set meetings regularly.

How do action learning sets meet?

Action learning sets follow many different formats. Traditionally they were face-to-face sessions that could run for up to a whole day. However, working with business owners, we have found that shorter meetings, arranged at times to suit individual set members, work best. We have also pioneered on-line action learning to enable business owners to meet up without the time implications, cost and environmental impact of having to travel to attend set meetings. We have also found that shorter meetings work well for most people, avoiding lengthy periods away from their business.

How will my action learning set operate?

On-line action learning sets usually comprise around 6 business owners from across a range of business sectors. The first meeting is likely to focus on introductions and a focus on the techniques to be used. Arrangements for future meetings will be agreed and committed to each member’s diary. Thereafter the set will usually meet once a month for up to six months, with meetings lasting for around 2 hours. These meetings will be professionally facilitated whilst members gain confidence and experience in the action learning process.

Each set member will get the opportunity to present to the set a work-related issue that she would like help with and her set colleagues will generate a series of questions to enable the presenter to reflect on the issue and explore the options open to her for dealing with it. With the support of the set, the presenter will decide on her next steps. At the next meeting, once she has put her plans into action, she will return to the set and report back on outcomes and what has been learned.

Action learning works on the principles of equality and that everyone holds the answers to their own problems. Thus set members will not try to solve situations for their colleagues, but rather work collaboratively with them to help them discover their own answers.

What can I expect from being a member of an action learning set?

Feedback from action learning amongst business owners has shown that they have developed a range of new management and leadership skills and feel that they are running their business more effectively as a result. Presentation and negotiation skills are often enhanced along with self confidence and creative problem solving skills. Some participants in Action Learning have reported increases in turnover as they have discovered new ideas and ways to develop their business.

The Pilot Group will start the first week of March 2021. As it is a Pilot Group there is a Special Offer Price is £150 (Usual price £300). Monthly installments of £25 are available)

To register contact: Chris on 01837 214667 or via email on chris@time-well-spent.co.uk

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