It’s a new year, have you set goals for your business but you’re already flagging? Have you thought of an accountability partner to help you move forward?  It’s so difficult for businesses at the moment with the situation with covid and the pressures of the increased cost of living and many other issues we all face. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’m not surprised, I know I am.


With this in mind I wondered how I could keep myself motivated. As someone who works on their own with little contact with other people I’m struggling with motivation where I never have before. I started wondering how I could get over this. I already run a WhatsApp Virtual Board for women in business, so I asked them if anyone else was struggling? It turns out that many of us were, so we started an Accountability Group to keep us on track with our goals. Only a few days in and many of us have completed the tasks we set ourselves for the first week!

Is an accountability partner something you should consider to help keep you focused this year?

How does having an accountability partner work?

  • When you commit to doing something by telling someone else there is a greater incentive to complete the task or otherwise, you’ll have to explain why you didn’t hit your target!
  • Both partners commit to coach each other to reach their chosen goals and to be held accountable for their progress towards their own.
  • With an accountability partner, it is unlikely you would become distracted from your goals.
  • To avoid overwhelm, an accountability partner can help you break down your goals into small, actionable, and attainable steps.
  • The benefits of having an accountability partner are
    • They keep you motivated
    • You make constant improvement
    • They are a valuable source of support and advice
    • They provide honest feedback

So, what do you look for in an accountability partner?

Ideally it should be someone who

  • shares the same passion and commitment to building new habits towards completing their goals and building their business as you.
  • you trust
  • gives positive reinforcement
  • will be non-judgmental
  • gives good advice
  • is dependable

How it could work.

  • Connect at the beginning of each week to identify what task you will be working on to move towards completing your goals.
  • At the end of the week re-connect to discuss which tasks you accomplished.
  • Also discuss which tasks you did not complete, what obstacles you encountered and how you could tackle these obstacles next time.
  • Most importantly, celebrate your accomplishments!

If you’d like support dealing with your tasks or brainstorming, please contact us.