About us

In 2012 Time Well Spent was created.  It came about because I’m passionate about making a difference to people.  I owned a Village Post Office and stores when my children were small and I know how difficult it is for a woman to run a business, a home and look after her family all at the same time. 

I previously trained as a Secretary and Personal Assistant, I loved this job and decided that I could combine the two to help women in business by supporting them with their administration.

Since then the business has grown and I now work with a team of associates offering a wide range of services to my clients.  Time well spent has now grown into a business that supports women in every aspect of her business by partnering with other women’s businesses so that you can find all that you need to build your business. 

For me it’s important that these businesses are run by women providing services for women.  Together we are powerful, and we work in a very collaborative way.

We also offer a Virtual Board using WhatsApp which is like having your own board of directors, you can ask questions, brainstorm and generally give and get support on any topic you bring up.

In May 2019 I stared the Time Well Spent Walk & Talk Network.  This is a networking group with a difference.  Not only do you promote your business to other women, but you also promote your health and wellbeing by walking while you’re talking.

Collaborative workspaces for women are coming soon.  They will be placed between major towns in the South West and are places where women can go to work together, get support and collaborate for the business as well as brainstorm any ideas.  At Time Well Spent we realise how difficult it is to work on your own the whole time.  That little gremlin sat on your shoulder tends to speak loudly when you’re alone and it’s always uplifting and motivating to work with other women.  It’s a win-win situation.  Look out for news of this new service.

Resources and templates will be available shortly to help support you and your business.

If you need something that we don’t yet provide, please drop me a line and I will see what I can do to source this for you.  Time Well Spent is always growing and looking for innovative ways to support women in business.