If you have heard of the selling platform Etsy you will probably know what it is, what it consists of and how it works, but if you haven’t and you run a Handmade Business and you want to sell online, then please read on to hear why I love it and why it works!

Running any business is tough, but running your own Handmade Business is really tough…. there’s no other way of saying it.

When your personal ideas/dreams for the products dream of finally become reality and are created and ready to put on sale, you need the most relevant and appropriate selling source for your dreams to be displayed.

There is a myriad of competition in various sectors such as Jewellery, Card Making and Crochet so whatever platform you use needs to be useful and efficient enough to ensure that you get seen and get noticed!

Being an Etsy Seller for the last 3 years I have seen the benefits that Etsy has provided for me as a seller and how it has compared to other selling platforms and I wanted to tell you about my top 5 Ways in which Etsy is the best means of promoting your products so essentially you can maximise those hoped for kerchings!

When people want to buy Handmade Goods where do they think of first? It has to be Etsy.

It’s the most well-known selling platform for Handmade Products; therefore comparing it to other selling platforms such as Folksy, eBay & Nu-Monday (and I would even go as far to say comparing it to a stand-alone website at times) you are capturing buyers within your target market and you are also reeling in your ideal client. These are customers who want to buy handmade goods and who want to buy a true handmade, unique one-off product. They will think of Etsy first.

Product listing is super easy…….

Many handmade business owners are usually doing it as their side-hustle and already have either a full or part time job alongside. Time saving is paramount, and Etsy make it really easy and quick to create a listing for your products in seconds. You are able to copy them as you add more listings to save you time and effort and to make sure all of the needed information stays the same. Win win!

You can easily download all of your Sales and Financial Stats……

Everything from sales by item to fees and fee type are downloadable on a monthly basis. It makes end of month reporting and finances very easy……you export and save! That’s it!

Etsy generates some traffic for you with its internal SEO system…….

By creating your listings as per the Etsy Sellers Guide recommends you will rank higher up the product feed for your creations. If Social Media isn’t doing its job, then you know that you always have Etsy’s own system to rely on. You can easily see how your traffic is generated too. It could be through your specific Social Media platforms or possibly through Google or even a Blog you are featured on…its very specific!!

It has its own Mobile App which is incredibly helpful……

In terms of buyer communication, listing updates and for those hourly/daily/weekly/monthly stats checking we all do it really does hold its own. If you want to run a sale…you use the App, if you want to link to Google Ads…..you use the App….if you want to find out what are your most and least popular products …..use the App! It’s definitely an all-rounder!

I could go on about the benefits I have found by creating an Etsy Shop for my Handmade Business, but I would be here all day….if you are thinking of dabbling in online selling for your Independent Physical or Digital Goods then please do consider Etsy as being your top priority!

Thank you to Louise Roberts – Dragonfly Handcrafted Designs – for this blog

December 2019